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Well I can't deny that juices get flowing at the last minute, but I am seriously trying to avoid using that power unless I absolutely have to. As for Modern Geometry, it is a prerequisite for the Master's program I intend to enter (Masters in Science Education: Math). It is also a great way to get my brain back in shape. And yes, it's more advanced than the geometry I did as a high-school freshman oh.. TWENTY years ago.
Not to mention some of that is an upper-level math course, and I'm rusty as all get out.
Hi Jeff! As you may have gathered from my post +/or wider blog I haven't even yet enrolled in my certification program, so finding WBT was almost a lark. I will say that some of my readers (a lot of them are on Facebook) are teachers, and WBT has started conversations, to say the least. I like the idea of asking students to invent gestures. How do you respond to the suggestion that WBT is geared at the middle or low performing students while high-performers unused to the style may react the least positively? Have you run into that issue?
Hi Robin! $500 buys a LOT of art supplies or actual posters. Besides it would be a cruel irony if I bought a TV for THAT when we don't own a real one at the moment. (Long story, but lets just say I'll never miss a stud again when mounting a load bearing shelf.) However, I do have a cute little monitor that might work for smaller chunks of info - maybe digital flashcards? Lord knows I have spare PCs lying around.
Well now that you mention it, yep. I was going to insist on not ruining the mystery, then I remembered I have a readership in the "tens of people"
It's a novel idea, but it seems like such a system it would turn out even fewer artists, poets, musicians, social workers, etc etc than we get today. Not to mention waaay more attorneys. :) Plus, the logistics of calculating future earnings for calculating present salaries sounds tricky. Granted, there would be a potential positive feedback loop on the creation of new teachers. Honestly my idea isn't massive reform, because that is hard, it's just simply "More Money Here" which is ostensibly easier.