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Congratulations on a successful first semester, Dave! And best of luck tackling the new semester ahead!

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So it seems lame to begin blogging again about my new semester of schooling without doing a little wrap-up on how my first semester went.

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Objectively, it was awesome.  I participated fully in classes and activities, met all my course and certification requirements, and landed myself on the Deans list.  Okay, Ill be a little less coy.  I got straight As.

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Highlights included a paper on Carlo Gesualdo (my favorite insane composer), typesetting ALL of my modern geometry homework, and a web project on the Math Gender Gap for which I received one of the nicest compliments a professor has ever given me.

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This is still hard work.  Balancing the full course-load with parenting a two year-old and a 10-hour per week software position leaves precious little time to catch my breath.  But I definitely feel proud of my accomplishments last semester, even as I wind up for the new challenges ahead.