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Ive been told there are still a few readers out there who are looking for an update.  This will have to do.

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First off, the big news is that as of right now Im getting straight As.  This week (the week after spring break) I got the results of exams in virtually every class and it appears that Im doing great.  But let me confess, dear reader, that I am still sort of bizarrely low on confidence.  Perhaps it is simply that I fear how easily I could slip into bad habits and wreck the works.  Certainly if any of my old professors are reading this theyll know what I mean.  I was a champion procrastinator and underachiever the last time I was an undergrad.

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So I refuse to rest on my laurels, because there are papers and projects to do in every single class, arpeggios and scales to be tackled and mastered on the piano, a challenging french song to memorize, and oh did I mention Im still working 10 hours a week at my old job to help make ends meet?  Run-on sentences aside, I remain daunted by all I have to accomplish by the end of the semester.

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Still, its pretty sweet to get good grades.