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This week I began the final two pieces of my new schooling: voice lessons and piano lab.  The business end of my music education, you could say.  My new voice teacher is young and enthusiastic and shes given me a good number of pieces to work on.  Ill confess to being intimidated by the workloadI was such a slacker voice student before!  Pieces include Barber: Sure on this Shining Night and Faure: Apres un Reve. She wants to give me both challenging pieces which are good for me as a vocalist and a broad exposure to pieces Ill eventually give to my own high school students.  Handy!

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As for the piano lab, its a very functional course element designed not to make me a pianist, but a successful choral teacher.  So the sort of thing we do is ensure we can play I-IV-I-V-I in every key.  Im going to get tested on whether I can play a simple choral warmup!  Sounds about right to me, even if it is somewhat remedial compared with past piano instruction Ive taken.  I was never very dedicated to scales and exercises, so this is a chance to make that right.