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Well Ive been a full-time student since Monday.  It seems like a distressingly long time ago, though I have relatively little work to do yet.  My overall impression so far?  Im sort of waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Thus far its been mostly syllabus review, introductions, review of prior materialsall stuff I can handle easily.  The question I keep asking myself (and its purely based in anxiety) is: how will things be when the real work starts piling up.  Many of you know I was a seriously talented procrastinator back in the day, and Im terrified of repeating the performance.  Only time will tell, but at least this time Im able to have a more mature and honest perspective about my fears and challenges.  Plus Im telling all of you so you can check up on me from time to time. :)

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So how is it going?  Good!  I find my teachers likable and my fellow students more approachable than I had feared.  I generally have tried to out myself as a spouse of a faculty member, because I dont want people to think I was trying to hide it.  Perhaps the biggest surprise is how much time the music classes (Musicianship, Concert Choir, Voice Lessons) will probably take.  Why is it a surprise?  Because I really still dont know quite what to expect, and because, frankly, I never had to work all that hard at the music I did before.

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Ill make a separate entry giving my impressions of each of my classes but as for my state of mind:  put me solidly in the cautiously optimistic column.