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Dave — My therapist says it’s not procrastination. It’s being a “burst worker”. The juices get flowing at the last minute and you do your best work under pressure. That’s what he says, and I’m taking it to the bank. Most of the time it works. Be easy on yourself when it doesn’t. Oh, yes, and Sr. CM wants to know why geometry after all this time. Must be that college geometry is more advanced than high school.


Well I can’t deny that juices get flowing at the last minute, but I am seriously trying to avoid using that power unless I absolutely have to. As for Modern Geometry, it is a prerequisite for the Master’s program I intend to enter (Masters in Science Education: Math). It is also a great way to get my brain back in shape. And yes, it’s more advanced than the geometry I did as a high-school freshman oh.. TWENTY years ago.

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This is how my first days have gone.  Its likely too much information for all but the most ardent of Dave-spotters. :)

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Psychology for Education The professor is passionate and well-spoken.  Its his research area and a family inheritance, so we can expect him to impart a lot of good stuff.  Wants to talk about the meta side: pointing out his own techniques as he uses them on us.  Having never taken psychology formally, but having done some therapy myself, Im interested to see how the two intersect.  Key tidbit so far: Assessment is the hardest part of teaching.

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Philosophy and History of Education -  Led by a woman who was born in Nigeria, the class will clearly have a heavy emphasis on inequalities and social injustice.  We spent the first two periods with lengthy student and professor introductionscommunity building is central for her.  She admits to being a strict grader but clearly cares deeply about her students success.  Instantly comfortable here.

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Musicianship 2 Like Geometry, this is a class that I have the prerequisites for, but they are old and stale.  The rest of the freshmen here already spent a semester getting up to speed on theory basics and studying ancient and medieval music history.  Luckily, they forget stuff over winter break so the first two days in class have all been spent reviewing!  An upbeat and informal classroom with lots of time spent at the board (all of us at once!)  I know where the gaps in my knowledge are and I dont think I have much catch-up to play.  This week well start working on voice-leading.  Theres also a separate sight-singing lab which will challenge me to get really good with solfege hand-signals.

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Modern Geometry Maybe because of my degree and my wife, this produces the most anxiety in me.  We get our first real assignment today via email, so Im about to find out just how much spousal tutoring time to engage. Actually, shell be the second line of defense after the very affable and available professors office hours.  (He also happens to be a family friend, which hasnt been too awkward yet.)

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Concert/Mens Choir and Voice Lessons: They havent really begun, but I am looking forward to both.  In choir we are doing the Rutter Gloria as a combined concert choirmy first time. Again, this is a non-audition choir which, when you think about it, is the kind of choir Ive spent the least amount of time singing in.  My voice teacher plans to give me lots of material which is practical for high-school students, because Im going to need to know how to teach them!  Nice.  Its my simple goal to sit my butt down in a practice room every single day and work on SOMETHING.