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Ive begun to do my catch-up reading in the infamous Grout textbook History of Western Music.  I need to be roughly up-to-speed on Ancient and Medieval music by this time next month.  It turns out, you can actually get out of practice as a reader!  This is hard.  Not to mention: textbooks are supposed to be dense.  In fact I guess thats part of the point of textbooks.   Nevertheless I am genuinely interested in the topic (I did not realize that Pythagoras is generally thought of as the first music theorist on record), and I have ample time to get through page 145.

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On the plus side, I noted that there are ASO/Spano recordings on the accompanying CD of sample music, and an old friend from Nebraska is mentioned in the acknowledgments for her editing work.  That made me feel pretty cool.  Now I just have to learn to read again.