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If it seems like I am suddenly blogging less its because I am blogging less.  It is a period of waiting and wondering for me.

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I was a guest at my fathers bible study this weekend; the passage was about the time when King David had won his victory over Saul but would have to wait seven more years before becoming ruler of all Isreal.  Coincidences about our name aside, I can seriously relate.  We both have something wonderful in our future (his is promised by God and, well, without getting too theological or sappy I find your support to be a kind of anointing), but there is no getting around the waiting before it begins.  Now while I dont plan to spend this time collecting wives and fathering children as David did, I do have a few things to keep me busy.

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  • Work.  Obviously I am still full time at my job.  I am focused on leaving good documentation and building a foundation for the contract work I hope to do in the spring.
  • Registration.  At least I have paperwork to complete for this student thing.  Yay?  Officially turned in on Nov 30.
  • Typing skills.  Im finally learning Dvorak.
  • The other keyboard.  Not doing this yet but practicing scales cant be a bad idea.
  • Cleaning house.  Always needed, really.  Good karma and good feng shue.
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At any rate I swore I wouldnt talk about how often I post and yet here we are.  Waiting together for the interesting stuff to start.