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I often joke that I am a morning person who always stays up too late, implying I  have often squandered the most productive portion of my days with less-than-adequate self-care.  Well it turns out Im going to put that theory to the test in a big way come January 25.   Here is my upcoming schedule.  Besides conducting class and a music lab in the afternoons twice a week, everything else is a solid block of Good Morning, Class.2010 Spring Semester

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Yes, I know, the class schedules at this school are bizarre and arcane.  The best thing about such a compact schedule will be free afternoons in which to get my school work done.  The worst thing about the schedule will be free afternoons tempting me to do things other than school work.  At least now I get play with Lucy as an option, which is considerably more personally enriching than go head to head with Greg in yet another Warcraft 2 match.