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Hi there. I am a veteran teacher and have been using WBT in the classroom for three years. I am also a recognized instructor for the method.

I use the method as an integrated whole for both classroom management, and teaching methods. I incorporate dozens of more traditional pieces and introduce them with WBT.

I do want to point out that all the videos currently out are designed for teachers who are just beginning to use the method.

We expect that, as you become more adept with the basics, you will adjust and adapt the approach to fit for you and your students.

Once you learn how to use the basics, or Big Seven, it does not at all hinder creativity, or individuality. In fact, once you and they have mastered the basics, they should be the ones making up most of the gestures, and doing a lot of the teaching.

It is also really easy to jump from the initial concept level, seen in many of the videos, to higher order thinking skills.


Hi Jeff! As you may have gathered from my post +/or wider blog I haven’t even yet enrolled in my certification program, so finding WBT was almost a lark. I will say that some of my readers (a lot of them are on Facebook) are teachers, and WBT has started conversations, to say the least. I like the idea of asking students to invent gestures.

How do you respond to the suggestion that WBT is geared at the middle or low performing students while high-performers unused to the style may react the least positively? Have you run into that issue?


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I know Im completely untrained in all things pedagogical, but that didnt stop my precocious self from spending an afternoon browsing YouTube and contemplating a new movement in classroom styles called Whole Brain Teaching.  I got the tip from an online forum thread full of teachers talking about what works for them, and aspects of WBT were getting rave reviews.

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The features of Whole Brain Teaching (until recently known as Power Teaching) are as follows:

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  • High-Energy Kinesthetics
  • Microlectures for material that is worth memorizing
  • Students teach each other, reinforcing material and taking ownership
  • Fun, inclusive, classroom management with choir-like call-and-response and a scoreboard.
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Have a watch. In this self-referential video, one of the inventors of the method uses Whole Brain Teaching to teach Whole Brain Teaching.

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Believe it or not, this college professor believes these techniques can work from Kindergarten through College. Heres an early adopter teaching a High School math class about the slopes of lines. Ive told my wife she should think about doing her college Precalc class this way, but she is skeptical to say the least.

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As you can imagine, coming up with good gestures becomes a central part of the learning plan. The suggest gestures thread on WBTs fledgling forums is by far the most trafficked.  Commendably, all materials on their web site are entirely free.

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My impression is that most people using the techniques are picking and choosing which elements to use (with Class-Yes as the most popular). Additionally, the videos arent showing that more traditional stuff is going on, i.e. homework, group projects, etc. Its an approach very much in its infancythey only just had their first national conference this year. And while Whole Brain Teaching is not without its detractors and drawbacks, I have to be honest: I could see myself getting way waaaaay into this teaching style. Well see how I feel in 2.5 years.