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First: congrats on your exciting choice!

That out of the way, I advise wholehearted nerdery. Buy the cheapest possible 40″ flat panel TV (diagonal of 24×36 poster = 43″). Bolt it to your wall. Take digital photographs of every interesting poster you can find, convert them to PDF, and cycle through them on your new digital poster frame. Plus, you can create pastiche “posters” on the fly.

I see a 42″ TV on for $500…


Hi Robin! $500 buys a LOT of art supplies or actual posters. Besides it would be a cruel irony if I bought a TV for THAT when we don’t own a real one at the moment. (Long story, but lets just say I’ll never miss a stud again when mounting a load bearing shelf.)

However, I do have a cute little monitor that might work for smaller chunks of info – maybe digital flashcards? Lord knows I have spare PCs lying around.


My burning question is: Did you really wear the same pair of pants for a month as a freshman?


Wow, I remember the circle of fifths. That takes me way back… I’m sure Mrs. Koenig had a poster of it in her studio. It was probably even drawn with markers.

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Ive decided to go whole hog and start decorating blank wall space with useful posters to help me study and memorize important stuff.  I have a combination of visual and audio learning styles; things which are geometric work pretty well for me.

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So maybe Ill solicit feedback from yall!  Im thinking practical stuff here, not art.  We have plenty of art.  No hang in there kittens, either.

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  • The one I KNOW Im putting up is a nice Circle of Fifths poster ( which I plan to reproduce with markers because $30 is too much to spend and I dislike CafePress.
  • Music folks, is a big Music History poster worth it?  Ive seen some GINORMOUS ones.
  • Anyone have a favorite math poster?  I wouldnt object to some fairly basic material, its been forever since I had to find an angle using chords on a circle or what have you.  Obviously I need Calculus stuff, too.  If its a decent poster I guess it could end up in my classroom some day.
  • Are there things I need to memorize for the Education component?  I know so little about what is in those courses!
  • Beyond wall-trimmings, I would gladly hear from people whove been there before on their favorite study techniques for Music Theory, Music History, and Modern Geometry.
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I know I might be going overboard with this 33-year old Freshman thing, but I promise I wont start eating Ramen and wearing the same pants for a month, okay?