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Oooh! Am I the alert reader?? I did ask T what exactly you were up to… Thank for the clarification! Good luck with everything! I hope your plan happens exactly as you expect. Including the part about your four year-old daughter getting accepted to Harvard ;-) .


Well now that you mention it, yep. I was going to insist on not ruining the mystery, then I remembered I have a readership in the “tens of people”

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An alert reader told my wife that the details of my plan are still a little unclear.  Well I can fix that problem.

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Step 1: I leave my full-time job, switching to light part-time consulting work.  This happens in less than 3 months!!

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Step 2: I take education and subject-specific courses at my wifes college.  (See specific course details here.) This lasts 2.5 years, including the final semester of student teaching.  I earn no degrees, but do receive Wisconsin state certification to teach at the middle- and high- school levels.  I also obtain what might be termed an undergraduate degree equivalent in music, which only a hypothetical future graduate program cares about.

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Step 3: At some point during Step 2 (maybe Summer 2010) I begin coursework on a Masters degree, most likely an MSE in Math Education.

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Step 4: In Fall 2012 I get the perfect high-school job, my four year-old daughter gets accepted to Harvard, my wife is promoted instantly to full Professor, and we live happily ever after.  Give or take.

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Step 5: I finish that Masters degree with evening +/or summer courses.

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Hope this helps, alert reader!