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Anyone with a sufficient number of Facebook friends is familiar with the flood of birthday greetings one gets on the special day.  Well let me tell you, this works for massive life announcements, too.  I got comments from almost 40 well-wishers in response to the status update which made it official.  In Facebook terms, thats a lot of comments.  Here are a few of my favorites.

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  • Good for you for following your bliss!
  • That is such great news. We are so desperately in need of great teachers, and you will definitely be one of the best. Thanks from all of us. Yay.
  • Remember this as the time you lost a fortune but gained a soul.
  • Let me be the first to say it: Mr. [Dave's Last Name], can I go to the bathroom?
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I think part of this is simply the cultural impulse to be impressed by anyone taking a voluntary pay-cut, especially when the new profession seems to be more selfless.  But more than that, I had the sense that my Facebook friends were saying this feels right for you.  In fact, a large number of commenters were old high-school friends I havent had contact with in years.

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Perhaps most symbolic of what this all means was the comment delivered in person by Amy, an old friend of my sisters I happened to see on a recent trip.  She said, Dave, I honestly can never really remember what it is you do now.  But once you make this change, I wont have any trouble remembering.  Amy, I want you to know how perfect that was for me to hear.   I like to think Im a memorable person in general, and now my profession will finally reflect that.