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Heres how it happened.  I called my boss on a Sunday in October and told him.

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[Boss], Ive decided to change careers.

Really?  To what?

I think Im going to become a high-school teacher.  Right now the plan is to get certified to teach both Math and Music at the high-school level.

Dave, I think thats wonderful.  You know Ive always said if I won the lottery Id teach high-school.  I dont know why it has to be the lottery but there you go.

So yeah Im going back to school in January.  The best part is I dont have to pay for classes thanks to my wifes job as a professor at the college.  And I was hoping I could still do some part-time work on [the software I know the most about], as a contractor.

Sure, that makes a lot of sense.  Actually, Ive been sitting here working on staffing and if you do this, it makes my life a lot easier.  It works out perfectly

Thats.. thats great.  Im really happy.

You know, Ive always thought you were a person who should be out there making a difference in the world.  And I have to admit that [the software you know the most about] is probably not the best way to do that.  Dave, this feels right.

Thank you.  Wow.  Thank you.

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I hung up the phone with tears in my eyes.  Honestly, I had a good cry.  I had been terrified of this phone call for no good reason whatsoever, and of course my boss was great.  He was beyond great.  He was happy for me.

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Of course this isnt really how it all started.  It might have really started when I drew lines in the sand at the playground to teach my five-year old sister about electrons, or when I was a camp counselor, or when I taught Sunday School, or when a fourth cousin Id never met told me this summer how much I reminded him of his favorite teacher, and his parents informed me there was basically no higher compliment.

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It wasnt until this phone call that it became real.  Im really doing this, and it is starting now.